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I am sure most of you have heard of Edge of Tomorrow by now starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Some of the other cast shown below:
All You Need Is Kill

tomTom Cruise
emily bluntEmily Blunt
Brendan Gleeson
General Brigham
Bill Paxton
Master Sergeant Farell
Jonas Armstrong
Tony Way
Kick Gurry


But did you know this movie was partly based off a book called All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka? Though the end of the book differs substantially from the novel; actually to say that the movie is fully based off the book is going too far.

The edge of tomorrow movie is by no means a page by page visualization of the book. A safer statement would be that the general idea of the book was adapted into the movie.pdf icon

Let’s Compare endings!
The movie ends with Rita and Cage executing their last attempt to kill the “Omega,” which is the being that resets the day for the aliens. Due to a blood transfusion, Cage lost his ability to reset. Therefore both he and Rita have only one more chance to kill the Omega since Cage can no longer reset the day.

They successfully destroy the Omega but during the process Cage ends up drowning, but he somehow regains the resetting powers, but resets to a day before the previous reboots. He reset to before he met Rita. In this reset the Omega remained defeated and the war was in favor of humanity It ended with him and Rita looking at each other (I should add they fell in love before, during the alien battles and training…) and it looks as though he will try to win her over again.

The ending of

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All You Need Is Kill. I will give you guys a teaser, the ending is much harsher, and the names are changed up.There is the same inheritance of resting the day power and such. Read the book for more link above.

All You Need is Kill (Edge of Tomorrow Movie)

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