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Picking up from City of Ashes, City of Glass begins a few days after Clary and Jace’s awkward break-up. Unfortunately, as you might remember the second of the two Mortal Instruments is now in the grasps of Valentine. The entire SH (Shadow Hunter) world on the liink of starting a civil war. With the permission of the Clave and Alicante, Magnus Bane creates a portal to send Jace, Clary, and Madeleine to Alicante, which is the secret base for SH, there a search is organized to find the download pdfremaining instrument, The Mortal Glass. Clary is actively involved with an issue that threatens to interrupt the delicate social order of Nephilim. In fact, it begins to shatter causing SH and Down Worlders to be at war.

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Questions for you the reader: when the city is under attack do you think Nephilim and DW can form an alliance against Valentine or will they let hatred prevail. Also, the truth is uncovered of Clary involving Jake can she save him, or is it too late?

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City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments)


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