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Four a Divergent Collection

Four: A Divergent Collection

AuthorVeronica Roth
Genre: Young Adult

PDF version created: Yes
ISBN: 9780062345219 
Movie: No
Movie Release Date: None

four the transfer a divergent story

The Transfer

Four A Divergent Collection PDF started before the original divergent series when Tris made her choice of faction, and so did her brother. Four (Tobias Eaton) who is the son of the leader of the Abnegation faction  (remember this faction was accused of hiding Divergents in the Divergent series). Tobias chose Dauntless as his new home.

four the son a divergent story

The Son

He also changed his named following Dauntless tradition. His new name is “Four” (if you already read the subsequent novel, the reason for the name Four is because he is a Divergent). Four is determined not to let his past influence his new life in Dauntless.
Four finds out that he will be successful in his new faction after he was initiated. Initiation marks only the start of Four’s Story. He must find his place in the Dauntless ranks. His new position as we will see affects the future of the faction systems and its members.

The Initiate pdf

The Initiate pdf

Back to the present, Four meets Tris, who was also the first initiate to jump after her faction choice. She might be able to assist him in changing the future of society. She will be able to show Four the way to change their world even making it possible for him to be Four A Divergent Collection quotescalled Tobias again!

Created by our beloved Veronica Roth,  a NY Times best-selling author one of which was the Divergent series.

four the traitor pdf

The Traitor

She brings us this companion to the Divergent Story.

From the angle of one of the most popular characters Tobias, or Four. The four books in the Divergent collection stories are The Transfer, The Son, The Initiate and The Traitor.

They provide a new, never envisioned look into the life of Tobias Eaton, and set the stage for the epic saga of the Divergent trilogy adding Four.



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