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Author of Looking for Alaska written by John PDFLooking for Alaska is a fascinating, compelling yet controversial young adult novel centered around bored students of the Culver Creek Boarding School. The author John Green was able to make this story come alive and depict the lives of many young people today living on the edge. His first novel Looking for Alaska was published in 2005 and is currently being adapted to film. Sarah Polley, actress, and filmmaker has been signed by Paramount to bring this book to the big screens.

Miles “Pudge” Halter, one of the main characters, is obsessed with the famous last words of poet François Rabelais among others. Pudge made friends with the “Colonel”, his new roommate who made fun of his skinny structure. In a short while, he was introduced to the beautiful, troubled yet funny Alaska Young. Pudge is instantly infatuated with Alaska. However, she was already in a relationship. Alaska pulls on Pudge’s heart strings and slowly pulls him into her world. He soon realizes that they have a few things in common and their friendship grew. One of which is their love and passion for the works of famous writers. Plunged into this new environment, he begins to pdf iconlose his innocence and progressively finds himself lost behind a mask of self-destruction. His lifestyle takes a turn for the worst, which is highly influenced by his new friends. He had his first smoke and drink among other things after joining the campus. Tragedy strikes and life is suddenly turned upside down in more ways than one.

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Read the book and see what becomes of these characters, I am sure it wouldn’t disappoint.

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