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In cold blood

Book Title: In Cold Blood
Published:   1966
Author:      Truman Capote
Language:    English
ISBN: 0-679-74558-0
Book File Type: PDF
Movie:        Yes
Release:  24 November 1996

The town of Holcomb, Kansas suffered a great lost, as the Clutter family residence which resided there were brutally murdered. Shotgun bullets killed four of them at point blank range to the face. Upon a brief investigation, almost no clues or motives were discovered for the crime.

Truman Capote introduces agony, empathy and suspense as he reconstructs the murder and the investigation which lead to the trial. As an insight into the realities, of American violence, In Cold Blood is a touching, sensitive novel.

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Trailer video for the 1996 film adaptation of the novel. A Columbian picture releases directed by Richard Brooks.

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In Cold Blood: A Novel


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