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Jane Eyre kindle book cover, Jane Eyre pdf book coverPublished:   October 16, 1847

Author:      Charlotte Brontë
Language:    English
Genre:    Gothic fiction
Book File Type: PDF
Movie:        Yes
Release: March 11, 2011 (USA)


mia wasikowskaMia Wasikowska
Jane Eyre
jamie bellJamie Bell
St John Rivers
Su Elliot
Holliday GraingerHolliday Grainger
Diana Rivers
Tamzin MerchantTamzin Merchant
Mary Rivers
Amelia ClarksonAmelia Clarkson
Young Jane

Jane Eyre a poor orphan is engaged at Thornfield Hall by the mysterious Mr. Rochester. As their love increases, her independence and principles are tested to the limits, and the secrets of Mr. Rochesters past is revealed.

This Charlotte Bronte’s novel discusses the love between Jane Eyre and a wealthy and brilliant popular, Rochester. Every since its 1847 publication, Jane Eyre enthralled all types of readers, from the critics to the romantics at heart. It still lives on as one of the greatest triumphs of storytelling and is still able to move hearts today.

Jane Eyre success is due its first publication; due to its high emotional appeal.

Check out the movie trailer below for the 2011 film adaptation.

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