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Good news guys Eleanor an Park is coming to a movie theater near you by DreamWorks in 2015! IMDB describes Rainbow Rowell’s best seller as, “a breath of fresh air for young adult readers who are becoming weary of the dystopia in most books.”

All we hope it that the movie follows the book faithfully to keep that ideal alive. If you are a seasoned reader, it could not have gone unnoticed that most modern movies stray far away from their roots, thus pdf iconupsetting the die-hard novel fans. Hopefully, this is different, as mentioned before DreamWorks had attained the rights to, “Eleanor and Park” therefore it will obviously be an animated movie which is not as prevalent for a book to movie release.

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Without giving too much away, the general idea in Elanor and Park is a love story between two apparent misfits. The novel offers no supernatural satisfaction for those who were hoping; just an ordinary (not boring) ebook read for those romantics at heart, though the end would suggest differently.

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