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The Giver Lois Lowry

In the book, the boy Jonas is given the responsibility to maintain the community status as regulated by the Elders who had established the “Receiver of Memories” to coach him in this unique job.
The task is to refrain the community from the effects of war, pain and death’ memories, and to replace these with a false sense of happiness, void of free choice of marriage, children and job types. By design, Jonas is given true love and happiness experienced in colors, warm sunshine, and enjoyable excitement. Along with these, he receives the painful memories of war, death, hunger, etc.


Realizing that the community is devoid of these natural attributes, he and The Giver (Receiver) devised a plan to allow the society to have their former memories returned to them, without the knowledge of the Elders. To facilitate this, The Giver intended to make him disappear via a ruse to drown in the river so that the authorities will come to the same conclusion and abort any search. Check out Lois’s take on the 2014 movie.


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Before the plan could be executed, Jonas found that his attachment to the family’ baby Galiiel was so strong that he intended to take the infant with him, and this poses a problem as he was without the “strength and courage” as promised by The Giver. How will he escape with the baby as danger lurks along the way? With his new found memories and unraveling attributes, would he succeed in escaping elsewhere? Read on.

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