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think like a freak

Freakonomics, a New York Times best seller changed our view of how society functions and opened the way for out of the box reasoning, used by the ‘higher ups’ which causes up to be blindsided to the true operations in this world.
The came the next book, Super Freakonomics, a film documentary, podcasts, interviews and much much more.

Now we have Think Like A Freak written by Stephen J and Steven Levitt to add to the legendary collection. This is still the most revealing of the books. It discusses everything from sports to businesses and politics. The goal of the book is to rewire the liain to pick up patterns, clues and other underlying factors that are mostly just staring us in the face. This type of thinking naturally improves our awareness and problem-solving skills.

Other things to look forward to are: the secrets behind freakish events which we thought could only be done by people of an extraordinary nature, like the secrets behind a hot dog eating champion in Japan, the reason a doctor swallowed a harmful bacteria, even why email spammers clearly state they are from Nigeria.

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Both Dubner and Levitt observe this world to be much more than we can. And are among those few able to do so. Never before has so many valuable secrets been revealed also check out the trailer below.

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Think Like a Freak: The Authors of Freakonomics Offer to Retrain Your Brain

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