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Title: Two by Two

Author: Nicholas Sparks
Language: English
Published: October 4th, 2016
Genre: Fiction
PDF File: Yes
Movie: No

Teaser Summary

Two by Two by #1 New York Times best seller Nicholas Sparks author of The Longest Ride and See Me and many more entertaining novels (those two are just the most recent). Nicholas Sparks bring us another emotional story about love – its complications, challenges and of course its rewards even though they might come with some risk.

Our protagonist Russell Green is living the dream! He has all he ever wanted, a beautiful wife and child, a steady well-paying job as an executive in advertising and an expensive home in Charlotte. But even though all may seem fine and dandy on the surface, more is happening beneath. Soon all Russell took for granted comes tumbling down. He then finds himself wife less and jobless and forced into the single parent life. He has to care for his daughter while dealing with his new lifestyle. Russell then embarks on a frightening but possibly rewarding journey to try and cope with his new reality – it will test him beyond anything he has even done before. Do you think he will make it through? Get the PDF book from Amazon to find out.

Two By Two Quotes

“This, I remember thinking, is what life is really about. Love and laughter and friendship; happy times spent with those you care about.”

Nicholas Sparks, Two By Two

“Happiness isn’t something someone can deliver. It comes from within.”

Nicholas Sparks, Two By Two

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