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Published:November 16, 2010
File Type PDF:Yes
Movie Release Date:December 25, 2014
jaiJai Courtney
Hugh ‘Cup’ Cuppernell
domhallDomhnall Gleeson
Russell Allen ‘Phil’ Phillips
garrettGarrett Hedlund
John Fitzgerald
JackJack O’Connell
Louis Zamperini
finnFinn Wittrock
Francis ‘Mac’ McNamara
alexAlex Russell
Pete Zamperini

From Laura Hillenbrand who brought us Seabiscuit – The horse which created hope for the Americans.

The Unbroken story is entirely different from Seabiscuit. It encompasses mainly three themes: survival, resilience and redemption. The setting is in World War 2 and relates the story of Louie Zamperini a ww2 veteran who went through it all from numerous missions, a crash and being stranded at sea with a raft and no signs of hope. Louie was an Olympic Runner, who then participated in the war. This a trying time for a man but Louie kept putting his best foot forward as he battled in ww2, faces trauma, torture, incarceration by the mercy of Japanese soldiers. After going through all the motions, Louie returns home and becomes an alcoholic. He has trouble controlling his emotions but soon finds Christ. And soon after becomes a Christian and a motivational speaker. Then he returns to Japan to offer his forgiveness to those who once tortured him.

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Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption


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